Admission Requirements

First-year college students seeking admission to the College must present evidence of having graduated from an accredited high school with a "C" (2.00) or better average, and sixteen (16) units of secondary school work divided in the following manner:

    Required Units    
    English 3 units  
    History and Social Sciences 2 units  
    Mathematics 2 units  
    Science 2 units  
    Elective Units 7 units  
    Elective Units    
    Agriculture 1 unit  
    Biology 1 unit  
    Chemistry 1 unit  
    Civics 1/2 unit  
    Economics 1/2 unit  
    English 1 unit  
    Foreign Language 2 units  
    General Science 1 unit  
    Geography 1 unit  
    History 1 unit  
    Home Economics 2 units  
    Hygiene 1 unit  
    Mechanical Industry 2 units  
    Music 1 unit  
    Physical Education 1 unit  
    Physics 1 unit  
    Physiology 1/2 unit  
    Speech 1 unit  

Students must submit scores from the ACT or SAT examination. This score is considered along with other entrance requirements.

Students without a high school diploma must show evidence of having taken the General Education Development (GED) test with a minimum score of forty-five (45) and submit scores from the ACT or SAT examination.